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Why Choose ASIT Consulting Services?


Control Operating Expenses and Minimize Cost

One of the primary interests of a small business owner today is to generate predictable IT costs. The value associated with the technology service provider goes well beyond reducing costs and can even lead to significant savings. In the majority of cases, leveraging an IT consultant will cost as much as 50% less than paying the annual salary of one mid-level IT professional - ASIT provides IT security consulting services tailored to fit our client's needs without them incurring excessive cost.


Focusing More on Core Business Functions

Individuals are typically happiest and most productive when they focus on what they do best. Getting frustrated with outside tasks can be overwhelming and can lead to disengagement. Engaging the services of ASIT allows internal staff to focus their time on the revenue generating activities for which they are better skilled while enjoying the peace of mind knowing we're constantly working to keep your data and resource safe from cyber criminals.


Tap into Highly Specialized Talent

Our consultants comes with an extensive background, equipped with necessary training and education to assist with all aspects of your IT needs within your business. This means that without having to pay the salary and benefits to keep such professional within your office at all times, there is still peace of mind you are in good hands  receiving such service from us.  Furthermore, the longer a company works with ASIT consultant, the better we understands the company’s challenges, the more we design tailored security measures to protect their data from cyber or other attacks.


Improve Productivity


ASIT consultant can also assist our client with enhancing productivity by enabling collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing that allows individual employees to innovate in the day to day aspects of their job. Such capabilities are delivered through multiple technologies including central databases, file servers, mobile platforms, email communications and broadband connectivity with focus on following appropriate security measures. We assist our client build best security practices around maintaining, implementing and planning to allow service providers and technology obtain maximum productivity enhancements built around good security measures.


Minimize Downtime


Even just a couple of minutes of downtime from a company’s websites or internal server has tremendous business costs. It is a primary goal for the majority of business owners today to maximize their uptime. ASIT consulting services can offer a measured and planned approach towards maintenance, backup, disaster recovery, and systems maintenance - This combined with remote systems monitoring to eliminate expensive and frustrating downtime.

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